Post-Expo 2015: VanRiet launches renewed high capacity shoe sorter

Post-Expo 2015: VanRiet launches renewed high capacity shoe sorter

Material handling systems company VanRiet has launched the latest version of its High Capacity Sliding Shoe Sorter at Post-Expo in Paris. The renewed product is more durable and maintenance friendly and can now sort postal bags.

The new solution was developed after close contact with VanRiet’s customers. The company launched an extensive research project to ensure the parcel handling solution meets the needs of the current market and the requirements of the future.

Alongside this development, VanRiet is also showcasing its Standard 4.0 at Post-Expo. According to the company, Standard 4.0 is a unique and efficient project approach. “Flexibility, scalability, efficiency and speed have become the main aspects [to consider] when designing a new parcel handling solution. VanRiet recognized these features and presented itself as a value partner in the development phase of a project,” explained Johan Hoelen who is responsible for the CEP market at VanRiet.

Standard 4.0 includes a 3D visualization and development environment which enables VanRiet to design and calculate projects. “A future parcel handling solution can be simulated in 3D for potential customers, giving them a full understanding of its performance and operation, exactly as it will function after it has been built,” Hoelen added.

September 29, 2015